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Our Process


In order for student-athletes to make an application for AQUAS support they should use the following checklist:

1. Take ACT and SAT during spring of your junior year in high school.

2. Complete the online application to AQUAS. To be submitted prior to July 1, before your senior year.

3. Ensure that the following documents reach AQUAS by July 15, before your senior year.

  • Copy of applicant’s birth certificate.
  • Copy of parents’ most recent Form 1040/1040 A, that was submitted to the IRS.
  • Official copy of ACT/SAT scores with breakouts.
  • Student composition entitled “Who I Am”. This original paper should not exceed one page single-spaced and tell AQUAS about yourself. You should consider including community and school activities other than your athletic talents and why you should be considered for selection. This includes any special needs of your family and your dreams of your future and career goals.

4. All of the above documents should be emailed to:

5. Ensure that your high school sends an official copy of your transcript, in a sealed envelope to:

AQUAS Selection Committee.
8627 Cinnamon Creek, Suite 502

San Antonio Texas 78240

5. Register with NCAA Eligibility Center by August 1, after your junior year.

6. Register with NAIA eligibility Center by August 1, after your junior year.