Founder and CEO

Colonel Hugh F. Mulligan was born and raised in Meriden, CT. He graduated from The Citadel in 1959 with a degree in Chemistry and from the Medical University of South Carolina with a Masters degree in Human Physiology in 1965 while on active duty in the US Air Force.

During his AF career, Mulligan was an instructor to aircrews on the physiological hazards of high altitude flight and emergency escape from aircraft.  He eventually became a leader and consultant in the human factors investigation of aircraft accidents.  He was recognized as a Fellow in Aerospace Medicine by the Aerospace Medical Association.  Upon retirement from the AF with the rank of full Colonel, Mulligan started Spectrum, a pharmaceutical research corporation. For 17 years he was a basketball official with the International Association of Approved Basketball Officials and the Southwest Basketball Officials Association.

After volunteering to assist a college sports recruiter, Mulligan saw that there were many scholar athletes in the underserved population that could not afford the services of a recruiter.  Thus, he established AQUAS to help identify that population and provide the structure to allow these individuals to get a college education.

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