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San Antonio, Texas – May 10, 2018– Alyssa, Breanna and Cierra Cadena have all taken the step to further their education by committing to colleges of their choice.

Brown University in Providence, RI, and Mount Mary in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, have been selected by them for their future educational endeavors. This did not just happen; these extremely intelligent and resourceful young ladies set their educational goals years ago, determined the steps to get there, then went out and worked through any and all obstacles to attain success.

The Cadena girls have so many similarities other than being identical triplets with similar smiles, the same height and weight and the same work ethic. However, there it ends as they have maintained their individuality and life ambitions. Alyssa is drawn to the medical field and is determined to give back to society through medical research. On the other hand, Breanna is attracted to writing and will make her career in journalism. Cierra, while showing an interest in political science, is determined to become a physical therapist. Just get into a conversation with A or B or C and you will find diverse personalities encompassed in reality with none hesitant to express diverging opinions.

How many could hope that their high school basketball team could win a Texas state championship? These three girls as sophomores formed the core of a team that did just that for KIPP University Prep. What is better than that? Two consecutive championships would be the pinnacle. That happened! Back to back was no small accomplishment. Then they became seniors and imagine that…three in a row! Each year all three received All-District and All-State honors and their proud Mom and Dad, who was the KIPP girls basketball coach, sat at the annual sports banquet, so proud of what their daughters and their team had accomplished.

Academic awards are so numerous. The triplets rank one, two and seven in their class standing. All in the top 10% with only decimal points will determine which one will be the valedictorian and the other being salutatorian.

Cierra visited Mount Mary in Milwaukee several weeks ago and fell in love with the environment at this Division III private girls school and plans on continuing her basketball career with the Blue Angels. Cierra has received substantial academic scholarships, which will allow her to attend.

Alyssa and Breanna both have decided to attend Brown University. A member of the Ivy League, Brown is the 7 oldest institution of higher learning in the US. Only 7.2% of applicants are accepted into the undergraduate program. Alyssa’s interest in medical research will allow her to be exposed to the Alpert School of Medicine of Brown University while Breanna, with her love of writing and journalism, will find her challenges met in the Brown Writing Center as she pursues her degree amongst a long list of famous alumni authors and Pulitzer Prize winners. Both young women hope to become involved in the athletic program and perform in some capacity with the Brown Bear program since they are both multi-sport athletes.

It was just a year ago that the triplets applied to be selected as AQUAS scholar-athletes. A 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, AQUAS (Assistance for Qualified Underprivileged Athletic Scholars) identifies underserved high school athletes who have demonstrated high academic performance. AQUAS then puts these selected students in front of colleges throughout the country until the right match is found and financial aid from the gaining university has been identified.

COL Hugh F. Mulligan, founder and CEO of AQUAS said, “Working with these three young ladies and their family has certainly been rewarding for our organization. Never have I encountered more resourceful individuals who pursued every viable option to find the colleges that supported their academic goals and while providing the financial support to ease the burden on their parents. While the goals they have set for themselves are difficult but attainable, they and the AQUAS staff are confident of their success in the future.”

Contact at AQUAS
Hugh F. Mulligan
210 912-7827

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