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May 4, 2017 | News and Updates, Madilyne Borjon

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Borjon has chosen to attend the University of Dallas (UD) in the fall of 2017.  She will be seeking her degree in nursing.  UD is a small Catholic institution with an undergraduate enrollment of about 1300 students.  It is an NCAA Division III school that competes in the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference. Being a Division III school, there was no athletic money that Madilyne could receive but she still is receiving a substantial scholarship award based on her academics, leadership and financial need.  The Head Basketball Coach at Dallas, Greta Grothe, said that they are truly excited that Madilyne has chosen the University of Dallas.  She mentioned her awareness of Borjon’s perimeter shooting skills and said, “With her hard work ethic I can see her transitioning her game to the collegiate level.”

The KIPP Athletic Director, Travis Boubel, contacted the CEO of AQUAS, Colonel Hugh Mulligan, in the spring of 2016 and said that he had someone special he wanted to talk about as a potential AQUAS candidate.  AQUAS is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that is identifying underserved high school athletes who have demonstrated high academic performance.  These students may not have received much national visibility for a number of reasons; thus college coaches may not aware of their skills.  AQUAS overcomes that problem as it puts these selected students in front of collegiate athletic departments until the right academic and athletic matches are found.

“Well, special indeed,” Mulligan recalls, “When I first met Maddie, I was so impressed with her dedication to her studies at KIPP and her desire to go on to attain a college education.  She has already endured a lot of hardship in her young life but exhibits the true meaning of respect for everyone she comes in contact with.  And then I saw her play…a scoring machine.”

In the summer of 2016 Maddie was invited to participate in the San Antonio Spurs Advanced Skills Camp where she was the only female amongst 44 other invitees.

Once Borjon had met the AQUAS Selection Committee, the Chair of that Committee, Lorena Contreras, notified Maddie of her unanimous selection.

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